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Do you need help with planting a tree on your property? Maybe you are looking to hire a professional tree trimming company on a regular basis or you need a tree removed in a safe way? Whatever the case may be, Expert Lawn And Tree Service is the reputable tree service provider in Boise, ID that you should consider contacting. Stay on this page here for more information about our services.

Planting and Care

We can help you choose a suitable tree to plant in your yard and actually do the planting on our own. You can also hire us for a regular tree care service. This includes trimming and pruning as well. Regular maintenance and care promote a tree’s health, so keep in mind that trimming and pruning are not just meant for a better appearance.

Removal Services

If there is an old tree that is about to fall anytime soon, you should get in touch with us as quick as possible. Falling trees can be really dangerous not only for your property but for your life as well. This is why we provide a fast and safe tree removal service. We also offer a stump grinding service, so if you are planning to do something with your yard, and this old stump is in the way, we are the company that will take care of it.

Expert Lawn And Tree Service is the experienced tree company in Boise, ID you should hire for tree maintenance or removing services. Call us today if you need more information about us or want to schedule an appointment.

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Client’s Testimonial
by Diana Roberts on Expert Lawn And Tree Service
Huge Thanks!

wI called on a Sunday but they still managed to come. The wind last night broke few big branches in one of the trees in the backyard. It's an old one that looks dangerous and I got really worried. Thank you so much for the fast response and dealing with it.

Expert Lawn And Tree Service
Boise, ID 83713
Phone: (208) 254-6184

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