A Trustworthy Tree Care Company for Your Lawn

Are you looking for an arborist to tend to your trees in Boise, ID? Or do you need one that can remove dead or annoying trees on your property? If so, then you should hire us at Expert Lawn And Tree Service for your tree needs. We have established our tree care company in the area since 2015. Even so, we are a professional team with over 15 years of industry experience. Listed below are some of the services you can avail from us:

Tree Care

We have the expertise to provide professional tree care in the area. You can expect us to perform soil testing, fertilization, branch trimming, and more. We use professional-grade equipment throughout such tasks. You should hire us for regular care service for consistent tree health and beauty.

Tree Removal

You should also hire a tree cutting company like us to remove your trees. This is because improper tree cutting can cause accidents. We prevent such issues by planning our way towards removing trees. Also, we bring heavy-duty equipment to remove trees in an efficient manner.

Stump Grinding

We also can grind stumps, especially after removing trees. For such task, we use powerful grinders of various sizes. We have the proper training to use them in a fast and efficient manner. After grinding your stumps, we make sure to clean grinding debris for proper service.

Lawn Services

Besides trees, you can also hire us to work on your lawn. We provide grass mowing, lawn maintenance, and other related services. You can count on our skills and cutting-edge tools for dependable service. Like with trees, avail our scheduled maintenance for your lawn to stay verdant.

Expert Lawn And Tree Service is the company you can trust for your tree and lawn needs in Boise, ID. We provide reliable mobile services, especially for clients across . We dedicate our skills and time to provide expert tree work at reasonable rates. You can book and/or inquire our tree services by dialing (208) 254-6184 right now.


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